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5 MAR 11: May or May Not?

(BLOGGER'S NOTE: You may find the following item humorous, serious, or a little of both - but we offer these thoughts from time to time, as we keep a seventh-day Sabbath.)

Many politicians and candidates are looking ahead to the 2012 election. But what if it never happens? A recent e-mail to us brought up a possible reason why:

ARE YOU AWARE OF MAY 21 2011....??????

Yes, I'm aware of that date. It's 11 weeks from today -- and a few people in Columbus might have it circled on their calendar. They're the ones who really care about NASCAR's all-star race or The Preakness for horses.

But a radio network with a station in Columbus insists 11 weeks from today is "Judgment Day" for this world, with God "rapturing" a large group of believers out of it. I knew there was something heavenly about two of my nieces getting married in late May, but not like this....

Family Radio President Harold Camping goes on to declare on 21 October, the world will cease to exist. If you're not taken away in May, you'll be doomed in October -- as if the thought of a pro football lockout in September wasn't bad enough already.

Family Radio and its supporters is promoting Judgment Day in a variety of ways. A fuss was made recently in metro Atlanta when billboards appeared about 21 May, with a website called "We Can Know." Who knows how many people thought another WikiLeaks scandal was coming?

We actually mentioned the Judgment Day dates here two years ago [22 Oct 09], along with a Columbus business owner doing his part to spread the warning. I called Elijah Johnson this past week, and he told me: "I'll be gone in three months." If you left a camera at his Mission Square repair shop, pick it up soon -- whether it's fixed or not.

(Family Radio has caravans going around the U.S. promoting Judgment Day. They've already made stops in Augusta and Savannah -- but Elijah Johnson does NOT think a stop is planned in Columbus. Maybe that's a sign that I've already given this warning too much attention.)

But there's one important fact Harold Camping and his supporters probably aren't telling people. He was wrong once before. Camping figured Jesus would come back in the fall of 1994, and said so on his nightly radio talk show. But if you'll recall, only two significant things disappeared that year -- the World Series, and a Democratic majority in Congress.

(I heard a Seventh-Day Adventist pastor say on radio Thursday night his ministry might offer Camping $100,000 to buy out Family Radio, if it's still in operation on Memorial Day. But Camping has dismissed such offers on his radio programs - since he hopes to be in a place where the dollar will be even more worthless than it is now.)

So Harold Camping has been wrong once -- yet now he says the Bible "guarantees" he'll be right on 21 May?! I studied part of one of his foundational books, and concluded his thinking is flawed. Camping's formula is complicated, so my analysis admittedly is not a quick read. You'll need a good bit of time, an open Bible -- and it would help to have an open mind, too.

Harold Camping is 89 years old -- and I personally hope he stays alive long enough to see 21 May. And the 22nd. And 23rd, which would be his next scheduled "Open Forum" talk show. If he's gone, I hope to be gone with him to wherever Jesus might take us. If Camping's still on earth, he'll need to call the Better Business Bureau -- because his version of the Bible clearly will be a scam.

But to be clear: I do NOT consider the Bible a scam. I'm a believer in the coming return of Jesus Christ -- whenever He's good and ready. Of course, Jesus already is good. The big question is whether I'm ready.

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