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20 MAR 11: Making a List

Did you see the "Supermoon" in the eastern sky Saturday night? Maybe it made a difference in my evening. I had a super-bly long three-mile run on the Riverwalk. Then I celebrated with a Super-sized two sandwich dinner from McDonald's.

SUNDAY SOAPBOX: Almost a week before the "Supermoon" appeared, we received a super-sized e-mail. It's actually a reply to what we posted last Sunday about that little town at the edge of Russell County....

Sir Richard:

I read the "Soap-Box" with a mixture of emotions. I do appreciate your present situation and was somewhat surprised to see that you even initiated an effort to cover my "Down in the Dumps" comments. However with that said; I wish to apoligize for the "scalding" you received from Kimberly Key. You would be well served to stay away from her - she has quite an imagination.

. Some of the information she offered is true, but in an effort to put my message, and hers in perspective, I'm responding this very evening.

#1 "Hurt'sboro operates on standard time, albeit in the long, long ago..

#2 The law requires that the garbage of the indigents MUST BE PICKED UP FREE OF CHARGE. Thanks to the last two Mayor's there are plenty of freeloaders taking advantage of the system

#3 Because the truck with the garbage body wont run, the garbage is being picked up with a dump truck and then piled on the ground or put in roll off dumpsters. This is a violation of the Open Dump law, and ADEM has been notified.

#4 Sheriff Taylor has established an "Outpost" in "Hurt'sboro; but he has stated publicly, that its not a full sevice facility.

#5 As to your tongue in cheek proposal about establishing a landfill - the County Commission just vetoed that very plan.

#6 You are correct - keeping a CDL certified driver on the job is nearly impossable. When you don't get your W-2's on time, don't get vacation time, don't get holiday pay and are only paid $10.00 per hour; it takes a desperate person to work for "Hurt'sboro'

#7 My "Scoop" wasn't totally in error - the town dodged the bullet by issuing the required W-2 forms, but they still have to face the music with the IRS.

#8 Kimberly Key has quit her job at Town Hall. Her quote about corruption is true - but remember - "When you point a finger. You are pointing three at yourself. She's Grandpa's girl (Jim Baxley) Town magistrate.

#9 Things were stolen before the last four administrations took office, but I will continue my long standing practice of never mentioning race.

#10 If she, (Kimberly Key) is referring to me as an imposter; my Constable's credentials can be verified by the secretary of State.

#11 I will not dignify Kimberly Key's rants; with any further response.

#12 A Civil Action was filed against Mayor Tapley in December of 2009, It went before Judge Al Johnson in June 2010, The case was dismissed (as was a previous one) and attorney's fees were assessed to yours truly. an appeal to the Alabama Court of Civil Appeals resulted in Johnson's order being reversed and all ($5,000.00) fees assessed to Mayor Tapley. The Mayor is now trying to get the town to foot the bill.

#13 The January 2011 Grand Jury issued a request to the Alabama Attorney General to investigate and audit "Hurt'sboro's books.

#14 "Hurt'sboro's population does continue to dwindle. Most of our businesses have left or closed, old folks have died, and young folks have sought greener pastures.

#15 Since "Officer" Sam Smith's name was mentioned, I will fill in some of the blanks in his regard. He no longer lives in "Hurt'sboro, because the bank foreclosed on his property. A developer bought the house for far less than Smith owed. I don't think my $5.00 dollar checks will solve his financial problems.

I don't expect to stir too much interest on your part by this submission. But, if you have room for it in the "Soap-Box, be my guest.

R.J. Schweiger

As Fred Hickman used to say on "CNN Sports Tonight," the former Constable is here to list it -- just in case you missed it.

Let's start from the top, by admitting plenty of people in Columbus would love a couple of things on this list. If Georgia spent the entire year on standard time as Arizona and Hawaii do, no clocks would have to change twice a year. But then, how many people would have dead batteries in their smoke detectors?

While Hurtsboro trash is collected for free, the monthly garbage collection fee in Columbus went up at the start of the year to 14 dollars. And that's despite the fact many of the "garbage workers" are prison inmates. Perhaps the city auditor should check how many of them have stepped up to menthol cigarettes since January.

Violating the third of Robert Schweiger's 15 points means Hurtsboro risks a fine as a first offender. If it happens.... oops, wait a minute. The closest thing I could find to an "Open Dump Law" in Alabama turned out to be something else....

I really didn't expect the Russell County Sheriff's outpost in Hurtsboro to be staffed 24 hours a day. But part of me expected Sheriff Heath Taylor to give Robert Schweiger a key to the building by now, for filing occasional reports.

Since Robert Schweiger referred to the "scoop" we've never posted here, I'll only say it involved the city of Hurtsboro being late in providing W-2 forms to city workers. I've worked at many jobs where those forms arrive around the end of January - and make me wonder if the people filing returns two weeks earlier actually work for tax offices.

The Constable's office is an elected position in counties across Alabama. Robert Schweiger says he tried to regain the office as a write-in candidate in 2008, after unsuccessfully running for Russell County Commissioner. But that approach worked about as well as a Hurtsboro garbage truck....

The Alabama Court of Criminal Appeals found in Robert Schweiger's favor only a few weeks ago -- but not quite the way he puts it. The 13-page decision reversed the ruling that Schweiger must pay Hurtsboro city attorney fees. But it sent the matter back to Russell County Court for further review. This is why Hurtsboro needs shuttle bus service to downtown Phenix City.

Robert Schweiger's final point is open to dispute. Former neighbor Sam Smith told me he moved to Montgomery to take a new job -- and he most recently served a stint overseas with the Alabama National Guard. Say what you will but the National Guard, but I think it pays more than five bucks a month.

But there are problems with this 15-point list - because Robert Schweiger has raised new claims and issues that I'm unable to track down or verify. If anyone in Hurtsboro government wants to address them, they're more than welcome to write the blog with a response. You can even imitate an Aflac duck saying "Schweiger" if you wish....

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