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27 MAR 11: When to Fold 'Em

A passing comment was made to me in November which seemed hard to believe -- but four months later, it's coming true. The claim was that Paul Olson planned to end his regular gripe sessions appearances at Columbus Council meetings. He hasn't been on the public agenda yet this year - so either Olson is giving up the fight, or stockpiling new evidence.

SUNDAY SOAPBOX: One government critic who refuses to walk away is the former Hurtsboro Constable. Not long after we posted last Sunday's 15-point essay with some comments, he sent us another -- and this one admittedly is being edited a bit....

"Sir" Richard;

I"m certain that no-one in "Hurt'sboro, will present you with any other verifiable facts; or challenge those of mine, between now and next Sunday I feel it necessary to clear up a few things.

I'm starting to feel like a contestant on "Dancing with the Stars," Those, who's motives I question; have a talent for tap dancing around the truth with alacrity.

You, in a rare case of making an assumption; said that, "Hurt'sboro would qualify for first offender status. The opposite is true. They are in deep trouble with the Russell County Health Dept., The Alabama Dept. of Envirormental Enviorment, and the Alabama Dept. of Public Health as repeat offenders.This can be verified by contacting Johnny Burrell at the County Health Dept.

The Civil matter was Appealed to the Court of Civil Appeals where the Circuit Court's decision was reversed and remanded with instructions. A final order from the Court of Appeals, put the cost's of further action On Mayor Tapley and the Town of "Hurt'sboro. A timely petition for a rehearing was never filed. Mayor Tapley Hired an outside attorney to litigate the matter - without Council's approval or knowledge.- They hold the position, that they are not liable for any of the attorney's fees.

The Grand Jury did as directed by the District Attorney (They asked him to write a letter to the Attorney General and ask for an audit) WHY THEN, HAS SUCH A LETTER NEVER BEEN WRITTEN?

I've been diplomatic and tactful (you catch more flies with honey than vinegar) in my dealings with the District Attorney for over a decade. I've given him tons of evidence of wrongdoing and have received little return on his part. I can sympathize with the man to a point; whatever he presents in court against one of the "Good Ol' Boys" is routinely tossed in the trash by Russell County Judges....

Just yodeling up the canyon !!

R.J. Schweiger.

Maybe Robert Schweiger actually should appear on "Dancing With the Stars." Considering what George Lopez said the other night about Kirstie Alley, Lopez and Schweiger could have quite a public debate.

Last Sunday's line about "first offender" status for Hurtsboro's method of trash collection was part of the joke - connected to that link leading to information about drunk driving. Sometimes getting my punch lines requires a little work on the reader's part.

I didn't realize until this e-mail arrived that Alabama has a state Department of "Environmental Environment." I suppose that's different from the home environment or the work environment....

Perhaps it says something about Hurtsboro's finances if Mayor Rayford Tapley is hiring an "outside attorney" to fight with Robert Schweiger over attorney's fees. Isn't this like a "double or nothing" bet - only the gambler could lose twice as much?

The Russell County District Attorney's office tends to be very close-lipped about its actions. So I'm not sure how Robert Schweiger knows no letter has been written to the Alabama Attorney General - unless he has spies in a Montgomery mail room.

(Given the name of Alabama's Attorney General, he ought to recognize a "Strange situation" in Hurtsboro when he sees one.)

It's nice to know Robert Schweiger is "diplomatic and tactful" with someone, because he hasn't been that way in some of his e-mails to us. He's sometimes pinned labels on me that you don't even hear Sean Hannity put on President Obama.

As we noted two Sundays ago, we currently have problems confirming Robert Schweiger's accusations because our office hours are filled with other business. We realize this leaves some readers with "scoops" and news tips frustrated - but perhaps the new executive editor of the Ledger-Enquirer actually will want to read them.

So why did I edit out part of today's message? Because Robert Schweiger makes a personal attack on someone who is NOT in public office - someone who has not responded to earlier accusations here. This is supposed to be a humor blog, not a place to smear private people's reputations. He can set up his own Facebook account to do that....

If this keeps up, we're going to have Hurtsboro Sundays here instead of the 2007-era Hurtsboro Mondays. That's what happens when one person refuses to be satisfied until everything in his town is absolutely perfect. Lofty goals are one thing - but even Paul Olson seems to have learned how to listen to a majority of the voters.

SCHEDULED MONDAY: The day "March Madness" gained a new meaning in Columbus....

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