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26 OCT 10: Bus Lines

And down the stretch they come - candidates racing to be seen everywhere they can, with only one week remaining before Election Day. If you have some chores to do around the house this week, try calling a few campaign headquarters.

Georgia Republicans brought their slate of state and Congressional candidates to Columbus Monday. They arrived at Lakebottom Park by bus for a rally. You could tell right away the economy is still weak - since candidates in the past have held last-minute "fly-arounds" at airports.

The Georgia Republican tour is led by Senator Johnny Isakson - although he probably doesn't need to be part of this tour. You know a candidate is a shoo-in for re-election when the Democrats haven't even bothered to find any dirt about you.

But that's certainly not the case with other Republican candidates in Georgia. Attorney General nominee Sam Olens is the target of an unusual Democratic Party website which declares him a "big government liberal" - and even has a picture of a donkey. Are they trying to defeat Olens, or persuade him to switch parties?

(Monday's media coverage from Lakebottom Park didn't show any Columbus civil rights leaders rooting on Olens. I thought they might show up, since they're so opposed to Democrat Ken Hodges. I can't believe the presence of a Republican "posse" would scare them away.)

Coming into 2010, the main concern for Georgia Republicans was keeping the Governor's mansion. Nathan Deal was part of Monday's bus tour. But have you noticed Republican incumbent Sonny Perdue practically has been out of sight? Where's the ceremonial passing of the "Sonny Do" list?

Nathan Deal dismissed accusations in a Roy Barnes "attack ad" that he tried to gut Georgia's rape shield law. Deal noted he has three adult daughters and four granddaughters. That's nice - but Brett Favre has a wife and two daughters, and look at what he's been facing lately.

Nathan Deal called the rape shield accusations a "distraction" from the main issues in the Georgia Governor's race. But then he turned around and said Roy Barnes was part of a Georgia Bar Association panel which proposed the rape shield changes in the first place. What we all could use right now is a shield from mudslinging....

But here's what puzzles me about Monday's rally. If the Republicans gathered at Lakebottom Park, why did I find G.O.P. "door hangers" on the sidewalk hours later near the new South Commons ice rink? The last big event I recall there was Sunday's Arthritis Walk - and I don't recall Nathan Deal and Johnny Isakson promising to find a cure for that.

WRBL spotted two candidates for Columbus Mayor at the Republican rally - Wayne Anthony and Paul Olson. Don't you wonder if both men went up to Nathan Deal, and tried to impress him by saying they switched parties first?

While the Georgia Republican Party bus tour rolls on, the Democrat running for Governor brings his own bus to Columbus today. Roy Barnes is going around the state in a yellow school bus - which admittedly seems hard to believe. A "trial lawyer" like Barnes ought to realize those buses are unsafe without seat belts.

Roy Barnes is scheduled to appear at a dinner-hour rally at Columbus Technical College. I haven't heard whether any other Democratic candidates are traveling with him -- or whether Teresa Tomlinson will campaign on the other side of Columbus, to prove once and for all how nonpartisan she is.

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E-MAIL UPDATE: One Muscogee County School Board candidate apparently continues to have problems with social media....

I came upon Mark Cantrell's Facebook page last night and saw that he had down loaded a multitude of pictures of "old Columbus" scenes.

Every one of the pics were downloaded from a web site named Gone and Almost Forgotten Georgia [29 Dec 06] which is owned Janice Page.

When I commented on his (Cantrell) page and asked if Jan knew he had downloaded the pics, he immediately shut down his Facebook page.

Basil Woodard

The page wasn't exactly shut down when I checked it Monday night. It's now locked for "friends only." And the way things are going, he might be too busy to accept new friends until late next week.

I noticed Mark Cantrell changed his Facebook campaign page, after we mentioned several grammatical errors in his biography [12 Oct]. I only discovered Monday night that his school board opponent has a separate Facebook campaign page. Brenda Storey lists so many Christian-oriented interests and activities, it's a wonder she doesn't promote home schooling.

Another reader is stuck on car stickers:


You mentioned "PC" in your latest, but you didn't mention "personal computer". I think you need to correct your correction!

Of course, if you publish this email, you might have to give equal time to the Mac crowd. ;->


John D Carmack

Well, OK -- but why would someone put "PC" on a car to promote which computer they own? In Columbus, police might think they've found a distracted driver with a laptop in the passenger's seat.

With a pre-emptive apology to fans of golf champion Paula Creamer, let's see what else made news Monday....

+ A line of thunderstorms dropped nearly an inch of much-needed rain on Columbus. I'm a little surprised the puddles didn't have a silver tint -- as dust washed off so many cars and umbrellas.

+ Richard Hyatt's website reported Cammie Currie has escaped firing, and taken a sidestep away from the Parks and Recreation Department. The former assistant to Tony Adams now works at the Columbus Civic Center -- where someone with the initials C.C. certainly should feel more comfortable.

+ Columbus Police reported a teenager was found walking in his underwear at the Eagle Trace Apartments. The teen claimed robbers stole almost all his clothes. Did police happen to ask if the teenager made a bet on the Auburn football game?

+ The Chattahoochee Valley Library System began a three-day system upgrade. No books or recordings can be checked out until Thursday. Yet for some reason, Books-A-Million is NOT taking advantage of this by holding a half-price sale.

+ WTVM reported Auburn University students rolled Toomer's Corner TWICE over the weekend - first after the Tigers beat Louisiana State, then again Sunday night to celebrate the top Bowl Championship Series ranking. Imagine how messy things could become if the volleyball team gets hot.

+ Alabama Defensive Coordinator Kirby Smart spoke to the Columbus Quarterback Club. Smart told WTVM his players have to improve in stopping the run, tackling and stopping the pass. About the only area Smart did NOT mention for improvement is grade point averages.

+ Instant Message to whomever is spreading rumors about the Columbus USO office: Enough already! The man called me from Washington to deny his granddaughter is on the payroll. He says she only volunteers there a few hours a week. And as for the other stuff.... well, there's a difference between a humor blog and "The Smoking Gun."

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