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28 OCT 10: You Dropped a Bomb on Me

Let's see if I have the count correct. Four different groups are running political ads against Sanford Bishop. Two groups are running ads against Mike Keown. And it's enough to make TV viewers run to the bathroom during every commercial break.

In yet another sign that Rep. Sanford Bishop is in a close re-election race, the conservative group American Crossroads began running ads against him Wednesday night. That's the political action committee created by Karl Rove. You may think he's egotistical - but remember, he could have named this pre-Republican committee Red Rover.

The anti-Bishop commercial is part of a six-million dollar nationwide media blitz by American Crossroads. In political language, a media buy that large is called a "money bomb." At the Columbus Chamber of Commerce, that phrase probably applies to base realignment.

CBS News reports the American Crossroads blitz is focusing mostly on U.S. Senate races. But if that group spent time to prepare a "money bomb" commercial opposing veteran House member Sanford Bishop, that seems like a bit more than collateral damage.

The American Crossroads commercial predictably tries to connect Sanford Bishop with President Obama, saying he voted for the "failed stimulus bill" in a time of high unemployment. Karl Rove clearly haven't seen our new bike trail across Columbus - so long that you have to labor to go from one end to the other.

The American Crossroads ad focuses on federal spending. But it stops short of doing what other commercials have done, and does NOT mention Sanford Bishop's "financial aid" for his relatives. Perhaps that's understandable - since Karl Rove served a President who had help from a Presidential Dad.

The "Americans for Tax Reform" already were running a TV commercial against Sanford Bishop. It wasn't posted online Wednesday night, to refresh my memory about exactly what it says. I guess that means my memory is growing as blurry as.... oh wait, that's another group's attack ad.

But the Americans for Tax Reform have become an indirect target, in attack ads against Congressional challenger Mike Keown. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee claims an A.T.R. pledge signed by Keown could send thousands of jobs to China and India. As we all know, it's far better for West Point to steal automotive jobs from South Korea....

ABC News did a fact check of the national commercial campaign Wednesday night, and concluded the accusation about the "taxpayer protection pledge" is false. But it's part of an even larger money bomb - $21 million by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. Maybe it's time to reword the national anthem to mention "the bombs bursting ON air."

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee's website shows only one "targeted race" in Georgia - and it happens to be the one with Sanford Bishop. Mike Keown's campaign clearly has made the Democrats nervous. Not nervous enough to bring in President Obama for an inspection of Fort Benning, but nervous....

Throw in negative ads by the National Republican Campaign Committee against the incumbent, and I'm almost left wondering why the Sanford Bishop and Mike Keown campaigns bother to run commercials at all. They could save their money for something far more useful - but I suppose only the Democrat would spend money to hire more staff members.

All the outside money in a tightly-contested race is providing a windfall for Columbus TV stations. But is it a good thing for organizations based in Washington to enter a local campaign in this way? After all, pro hockey leagues officially outlawed bench-clearing during fights years ago....

If negative ads have you disgusted with all the candidates, the Georgia Christian Coalition may agree with you. It announced Wednesday there will be NO Georgia "Voter Guide" in churches this weekend, because it opposes the positions of all the candidates for Governor. Of course, the Coalition's REAL candidate isn't running - unless Jesus comes again next week.

Lest we forget Alabama: a lawsuit was filed Wednesday claiming Robert Bentley should be disqualified from the Governor's race. Jimmy Blake told Raycom Media Bentley never disclosed "in-kind contributions" from the Alabama Education Association -- so he wants a judge to do something unkind, and stop next week's vote completely.

That's probably more than enough politics for one day. Let's see what else made news Wednesday....

+ Columbus tied another record, with a high temperature of 89 degrees F. The morning low was the highest on record, at 75. Clearly this is a case of "cause and effect" - with hot air from all the candidates producing the warming trend.

+ Columbus Police reported a woman was arrested for dancing "completely nude" at the Carousel Lounge on Victory Drive. In other words, she was topless - and she'd better not try to explain that it's (ahem) Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

+ Columbus city officials revealed more details about the fate of former Assistant Parks Director Cammie Currie. The move to the Civic Center is considered a demotion, with a $6,200 pay cut. But that's OK - it means more money for the Georgia Blazers, as basketball season starts.

+ WTVM reported Harris County football star LaMichael Fanning has quit the team, after being suspended last weekend. Fanning is rated among the top ten high school defensive tackles in the country, and has verbally committed to playing college ball at Alabama. Now I fear Nick Saban will verbally tell him to get lost.

+ The Atlanta Hawks opened their new season by mashing Memphis 119-104. Larry Drew won his first game as the Hawks' coach - but we don't know if he Drew-up plays at the sideline during timeouts.

+ Instant Message to WTVM: I noticed Colonial Bancshares was unchanged AGAIN, in Wednesday night's stock listings. Considering BB&T took over Colonial 14 months ago, maybe the change should come from your side.

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