Saturday, August 27, 2011

27 AUG 11: Trust the Driver?

We split an e-mail from this past week into two parts. Today we return to part one, which referred to the new Georgia license plate....

Hey Richard, in response to the new Georgia tag being offered plain or deluxe, how about one with the phrase, “In No One Do I Trust”. It seems that is appropriate for today’s society. As for the atheists, there are no atheists in h**l…when they get there they become believers and know at that moment that there is indeed a God!

Investors in Synovus may know a little bit about this -- since Columbus Bank hasn't been Trust-worthy for stock growth in a while.

Before Johnny Carson became a late-night TV talk show star, he hosted an afternoon game show called "Who Do You Trust?" It involved husbands and wives answering questions -- but NOT about each other. That was left for "The Newlywed Game," which may have spread more distrust than anything else.

Do an online search for that phrase "Who Do You Trust?" today, and you might be surprised by the results. A couple of religious messages came up on page one. It was a little disappointing -- since an article I wrote with that title two years ago wasn't at the top.

That article examines the problems we can face in trusting other people -- whether it's your spouse, your boss or your friendly neighborhood blogger. All of them are bound to disappoint you sooner or later. But I didn't really plan for this post to be about those Jada Pinkett Smith rumors....

I've learned it's far better to trust God than human beings. That's even true of humans who preach and teach the word of God -- and that brings me to the other part of that e-mail. Who says there are no atheists in.... well, you know.... that place which used to be a "swear word" you couldn't say on Johnny Carson's game show?

I don't believe there are atheists in "hell" today -- at least not the way many preachers present that place. The Biblical book of Hebrews indicates there's a judgment day awaiting all who died. But Revelation 20 indicates that day hasn't happened yet. And for once, the reason does NOT involve a plea-bargain offer from the District Attorney.

Harold Camping's followers still contend the Biblical "judgment day" happened in May, even if Jesus didn't come back and no believers were pulled up to heaven. But if you read all of Revelation 20, you'll see a judgment day for the bulk of humanity may not happen for more than 1,000 years. God's view of time can make a one-year wait for a Muscogee County criminal trial look downright speedy.

The book of Acts encourages people to "search the scriptures daily," to see whether ministers are preaching the "gospel truth" or something else. If their preaching doesn't match the Bible, they might be unwittingly doing the atheists a favor. Give it to people "right," and everyone should be on the "right side" when all is said and done -- as in up, instead of down.

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