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7 AUG 11: A Louder Beat

Someone in Columbus drives a car with the license plate "DJ CHIP." I know because that car passed me awhile back, heading north on Veterans Parkway. I assume it was driven by the co-host of the WFXE "Foxie 105" morning show - but as fast as he was driving, maybe I should wish it was a car thief.

The latest Columbus radio ratings are out this weekend -- and while Foxie 105 remains the top station, there's good reason for Davis Broadcasting managers to be concerned. The gap between first and second place is the closest it's been in several years. And it's NOT because base realignment is bringing down thousands of bluegrass fans from Kentucky....

Arbitron's spring numbers show Foxie 105 scored an 11.2 in total listeners (age 12 and up). But arch-rival WBFA is gaining at 10.0. In fact, "98.3 the Beat" improved its ratings for the fifth survey in a row - so the management there can expect calls this week from presidential campaigns.

The staff at WBFA is so giddy that it posted online messages Friday declaring itself "#1 station in Columbus." Uhhhh - not according to the numbers I'm reading. Simply because you're named "the Beat" doesn't mean you've beaten the champ quite yet.

Could part of the reason for Foxie 105's slippage be showing on its website? A check Saturday night showed a picture of Vicky James, who left during the spring ratings period for South Carolina. And if you're the "hip hop and R&B leader" in Columbus, why are you still promoting a circus which left town seven months ago?

Third place in the Columbus radio race went to WCGQ, with an 8.0 rating. Perhaps that's not surprising, since "Q 107.3" is playing some pop stars no one else does. There's Lady Gaga, Katy Perry - and male musicians who shave their heads to avoid competing with those other two.

Perhaps the biggest question in the spring radio report was how WVRK "Rock 103" would do with some competition. It dropped more than two rating points to 4.8, while the simulcast of WRCG and "106.9 Rocks" debuted at 1.2. It's the first time WRCG has shown any numbers in two years - going back to when its biggest noisemaker was Neal Boortz.

In other formats, WKCN "Kissin 99.3" maintained a two-to-one ratings lead over WSTH. So much for changing the name from "Rooster 106" to "South 106.1." What shall we try next - Kentucky Fried Chicken, for the Fort Knox transfers?

When it comes to sports talk, WIOL-FM pitched another shutout -- as ESPN Radio had ratings in the spring, while WHAL-AM "Fox Sports Radio 1460" had none. As he used to say so often on cable TV, Dan Patrick got a whiff....

And despite all the competition, a noncommercial radio station won the "Reader's Choice Award" from the Ledger-Enquirer. That's WBOJ "88.5 the Truth" - which must be doing well, because I haven't heard it stop the religious music yet for even a one-hour "share-a-thon."

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SUNDAY SOAPBOX: One lengthy e-mail submission this weekend must be held, because I've been unable to verify it. But to borrow from a Thursday letter, I was somewhat hoping this next topic would disappear over time....

Hey Richard, you sure ruffled ol' Zubi's feathers. By the way is Zubi a male or female? Anyway, maybe you need to contact Phil Scoggins and have him prepare one of his "Remember When" segments, you know like, "Do you remember when Zubi Anwar was employed here at TV-3"? If it wasn't for old employment records, they probably wouldn't either. WRBL could go head-to-head with WTVM on July 4th with a Zubi Fest and all legal immigrants (such as Zubi) could attend and celebrate their newfound citizenship. Just my two cents worth on the subject but remember, Zubi's last name does suggest a solution to this....Anwar (broke out over a joke on The Blog of Columbus).

A click on the link to Zubi Anwar's name will settle the main question here. And I'd rather have peace here than war -- so I won't even compare that name with the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

And here's some guidance about another topic we brought up Thursday:

I think what Wal Greens was saying about their plastic bags being used as rubber gloves means they are good for picking up after your dog or your chickens or your baby's diaper.

Well, yes. The plastic bag I was given for my can of Lay's Stax the other day mentioned those other uses for them. But why not refer to it as "plastic gloves?" That would be.... oh, wait a minute. I think Walgreens actually sells those, for things such as food handling.

Walgreens continues to get my drug store business instead of CVS or Rite-Aid, primarily because of its enticing weekly specials. But they need to be consistent here - and list five other uses for the weekly circular, once it expires on Saturday night.

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