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21 JUL 11: What's the Big Deal?

WTVM's video section Wednesday evening had one clip headlined: "Raw: Gov. Deal...." Never mind what he was discussing. Democrats had a good laugh simply reading in the mainstream media about Georgia having a Raw Deal.

Governor Nathan Deal made the rounds of Columbus Wednesday - but something seemed to be missing. Mayor Teresa Pike Tomlinson told the Ledger-Enquirer earlier in the week the Governor would make a "major announcement." Soooo.... what was it? That Deal really, really likes the soldiers at Ranger Joe's?

Mayor Tomlinson joined Governor Deal at several of his Columbus stops. But a promised joint news conference was abruptly canceled Monday. I can't help wondering if someone in the mayor's office needs a refresher course in German....

The governor told reporters he hopes more international business will come to Georgia in the next year-and-a-half. The next year-and-a-half?! German businesses must have rejected Adolf Hitler so completely, they don't even believe in the idea of "blitzkrieg" anymore.

Governor Deal and Mayor Tomlinson say they both emphasized Georgia's transportation strengths during recent trips to Germany. There's Hartsfield-Jackson Airport in Atlanta. There's the port of Savannah. And then there's the recent widening of Interstate 185, so big rigs can turn around at Victory Drive.

Nathan Deal's day began with breakfast at the Columbus Chamber of Commerce headquarters. Several Republican state lawmakers joined the Governor there - serving as political bodyguards, in case he was tempted to switch parties again.

Governor Deal toured the National Infantry Museum after breakfast - then returned to Columbus South in the late afternoon to meet the public at Ranger Joe's. So much for this governor being in bad financial shape. He's clearly not worrying about rising gas prices....

The Georgia Governor spent Wednesday lunch hour with the Columbus Rotary Club. Dick McMichael's blog noted Nathan Deal took questions from the audience after his speech. Talk about a dangerous move! Some Rotarians might ask tougher questions than news reporters do.

(Rotary Club President Jimmy Elder admitted he doesn't take questions from the audience, after he gives sermons at First Baptist Church. And then pastors wonder why worshipers talk about them so much over Sunday dinner.)

The Governor also made a stop at the Pratt and Whitney plant. I'm sure he was interested in the quality of local manufacturing - not to mention the fact that Midland-Upatoi is a part of Columbus where Republicans like himself actually live.

Governor Nathan Deal's official day in Columbus ended at Ranger Joe's. But there probably was some "family time" afterwards, as daughter Katie has become a featured actress at the Springer Opera House. Oops - the Governor probably would want me to change that to the "State Theatre of Georgia." Even though there's recently been more drama across the street at the Government Center.

Nathan Deal may not have accomplished anything groundbreaking in Columbus. But back at the state capital, there was a development which undoubtedly pleased the Governor's staff. A website which Democrats could have used for big political gains was taken by an Atlanta TV station....

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BLOG UPDATE: USO Georgia directors told WXTX Wednesday they may relocate the Columbus office inside Fort Benning, after closing the one on Victory Drive. After all, there's been a lot of government-funded construction on post in the last few years - so there had to be an overrun somewhere, where an office can fit.

Another kind of search begins our wrap-up of other Wednesday news....

+ I finally found the "Fire Isaiah Hugley" Facebook page. As of Wednesday night, this unusual Facebook race stood at 200 people who like "For Isaiah Hugley" compared with 37 liking the page to have the city manager fired. Maybe the "angry voters" are resting until next year's elections.

+ The Natural Resources Defense Council rated the "Toxic 20" states, based on air pollution from power plants. Georgia's air ranked ninth dirtiest, while Alabama is 12th. Isn't it nice to see this area living up to that "Dirty South" reputation?

+ The Auburn City Council voted to legalize the ownership of chickens in the city limits. If the South Carolina Gamecocks had won the Southeastern Conference football title last December, I think that vote would have been very different.

+ S.E.C. Media Days for football began in Hoover, Alabama. Commissioner Mike Slive proposed a series of changes in national college recruiting rules, including one allowing coaches to recruit through social media. Wow - they can't do that now?! I'd love to see Auburn's Gene Chizik condense his new book down to 140 characters.

(Bear Bryant might have met the Twitter guidelines for messages to players. I once worked with a former Alabama football player, who said Bryant walked into the locker room after a terrible first half and simply said: "All right, girls, let's go back out on the field." Yes, I'm told it worked.)

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