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16 JUL 10: My People Won't Call Your People

In seven-and-a-half years, this blog has received all sorts of unusual mail. But this week brought a first - a snail mail letter with three index cards inside. Perhaps the writer wanted to convince me he was playing with a full deck....

The three index cards had this handwritten message, which combines compliment with announcement:

Dear Mr. Burkard,

Hello, my name is Michael Weaver of Columbus, Georgia. I created my own blog on June 10th, 2010 @ to offer alternative + esoteric news for White Americans....

I'm a regular visitor of your blog for Columbus, Ga. and you provided the inspiration for my blog as well. However, we both know of the crime of being "Politically Incorrect" in the People's Republic of Columbus, Georgia!

I invite you to research all of the data that I've provided on my site with an open mind in pursuit of the Truth. The 1st Amendment is necessary in order for intellectual ideas to flourish in a free society...

Sincerely, Michael Weaver

If being politically incorrect is a crime, then why did more police officers like Doug Kellett than loathe him?

Michael Weaver is the man in charge of the Columbus chapter of the National Alliance. That group openly admits it takes "a White racial perspective" on things. Why, it probably turned against NASCAR when Juan Pablo Montoya started driving well.

But what Michael Weaver and the National Alliance calls "perspective" might be called downright racist by others. One of his June posts includes the words "Chimp-in-Chief" in the title. OK, maybe that label was pinned on former President Bush first - but if that promotes "intellectual ideas," so do stores selling comic books.

I could find only one entry in Michael Weaver's blog which directly mentions Columbus. It's about a library trip in June, where he saw a sign mentioning "Gay, Lesbian, Bi-Sexual and Transgender month." Weaver calls that "disgusting." Can you imagine what's coming next February -- during African-American History Month?

The First Amendment certainly allows Michael Weaver to post what he pleases, within reason. But I'd rather NOT be associated with his blog. For one thing, I thought "News for Whites" was presented by conservative talk-show hosts such as Rush Limbaugh....

But let's be honest here - news has been offered with various ethnic and racial "perspectives" for a long time. The Columbus Times has done it for 76 years. And I somehow doubt The Courier will hire Mayor Jim Wetherington after he leaves office, to write columns balancing Brother Love.

And in 2010, the "mainstream media" are fighting to keep the masses due to news outlets with real or perceived biases. Ask the executives at CNN Center in Atlanta about that. They're so stumped by declining ratings that Larry King is about to be replaced with a man from Britain, who might restart the War of 1812 against Sean Hannity.

Even NBC News now has special online areas focusing on African-American and Hispanic news. They beat "News 4 Whites" to a Thursday story about European-American students suing Savannah State University on grounds of discrimination. If Michael Weaver checks his competition, he might be stunned to find something he actually likes.

The news of this week reminded me appeals to the lowest racial denominator know no skin color. Johnny Ford caused controversy by claiming his Alabama State Senate district must be represented by someone who's African-American. What will Ford do in November, with two European-American candidates on the ballot -- declare hair length the tiebreaker?

Then there was the man I heard at church last weekend, declaring the new "tanning tax" on tanning salons racist. Why? He said it's because the only people who get tans are "white." Based on this logic, there really should be two lawsuits filed. Northerners should file one, because they hardly have any access to the sun during winter.

Call me naive, but I'd like to see Columbus move away from the habit of examining issues by first checking skin colors. Michael Weaver and Johnny Ford show that hasn't quite happened yet - especially when "One Columbus" keeps holding its annual golf tournament in Opelika.

-> Unusual things happened to us at Thursday night's poker tournament. Read about them at our other blog, "On the Flop!" <-

E-MAIL UPDATE: Maybe I should check the InBox more often. This was sent Wednesday evening, but I only saw it at midday Thursday....

Karen will be at the Columbus Government Center tomorrow July 15 at 12:45 to meet & greet with supporters. Thought you might want to come see her while she's in town.



That's Karen Handel, the Republican female running for Georgia Governor. I'm told she shook hands with people on Broadway, while in Columbus. But unlike opponent Eric Johnson, she's apparently too conservative to hold a rally at a restaurant known for its beer.

Karen Handel told reporters she's a real conservative, which Republican opponents Nathan Deal and John Oxendine are former Democrats. In other words, you should vote for her because she's been right longer than they have....

No, I did NOT hurry downtown to see Karen Handel. Even though this was my first personal invitation, I haven't attended campaign events of any other Georgia Primary candidates. So I'm trying to be "fair and balanced" - even if it means being equally ignorant about everyone.

BLOG UPDATE: On down the Georgia Primary ballot, Attorney General candidate Ken Hodges called on opponent Rob Teilhet Thursday to pull his commercial with the mother of Kenneth Walker. Hodges waited six days to comment on the ad -- but compared to the months he waited to convene a grand jury in 2004, that's speedy.

Ken Hodges called the commercial with Emily Walker exploitative. But Rob Teilhet happened to be in Columbus, and told WRBL the ad will stay on the air. In fact, Teilhet seemed to contend it isn't negative at all. Why, of course it's not - it simply has a woman saying, "Ken Hodges should NOT be our next Attorney General."

Ken Hodges has his own attack ad, noting the Atlanta tabloid Creative Loafing gave Rob Teilhet a "golden sleaze" award in May. It cites bad things Teilhet allegedly did in the state legislature - while forgetting to mention Hodges never served in the legislature, so he can't use tax money for travel expenses at all.

Meanwhile, the Columbus Tea Party held a forum for congressional candidates at the central library Thursday night. Everyone attending was promised a "free gift" - but WXTX showed empty seats in the theater, so plenty of people apparently own all of Glenn Beck's books.

Outside the political ring, there was other news Thursday....

+ Tyrone Love pleaded guilty in Recorder's Court to being the "Gumball Bandit," admitting more than ten burglary counts. He may have thought he could outrun the law - but now his gum bubble has burst.

+ Students returned to class at the Muscogee County School District's two year-round schools. This has to be annoying for some of the parents -- since their children have to borrow pencils and paper until the "Kits for Kids" giveaway next weekend.

+ American Eagle began non-stop service between Columbus and Dallas-Fort Worth. The first arrival in Columbus was celebrated with water cannons on the tarmac. If the historic cannons from Port Columbus had been fired at the airport, residents would have called Fort Benning to complain about the noise.

+ Georgia Department of Transportation officials told WTVM a replacement for the Brown Avenue Bridge won't go up for bids until 2012. So neighborhood joggers are advised to watch where they step for the next couple of years....

+ Instant Message to the producers of "Football Saturdays in the South" on WXTX: Am I missing something here? When did Boston College become part of the South? Has global warming moved the "Sunbelt" all the way up to New Hampshire?

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