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23 JUN 09: Owen No!

It's a big day for this little blog - as we post for the 2,000th time! OK, admittedly it's not as earth-shaking and huge as that announcement by "Jon and Kate" on cable TV Monday night, but still....

(And this is certainly NOT a thrilling day for critics of this blog. They're the ones asking: "Why 2-K?")

We pondered what to do to mark blog post #2,000. We could have been historical or self-congratulating - but then Monday evening, some breaking news reached us by e-mail:

was there when they came out of the meeting to close the library for up to 3 months because of needed roof repairs.

This is the library at Chattahoochee Valley Community College. So don't worry, Columbus parents - the magician who plays the banjo still will be at the central library today.

The web site of Chattahoochee Valley Community College confirms the library known as Owen Hall was closed to the public Friday afternoon. The announcement does NOT give a date or time for its reopening. But don't be surprised if the student "scavenger hunt" at the start of fall semester has shingles on the list.

Regular visitors to Owen Hall may not be surprised by this shutdown. Parts of the library seemingly have been roped off for years, including a center staircase on the main floor. When beauty pageant contestants can't even pose for pictures on the stairs, they MUST be dangerous.

Sections of the second floor at Owen Hall have been blocked off from time to time, apparently due to a leaky roof. At least that's what I assumed. I can't imagine the library staff would keep students away from the religious books....

(That reminds me of something - who was the smart aleck who developed the special sorting system for college libraries? The one that's so different from the Dewey Decimal System? Is it only coincidence that religious books are found under the code letters B-S?)

But I digress: Chattahoochee Valley Community College has set up what it calls "limited library services" at Brassell Hall. But other services apparently are being moved off-campus - perhaps to the Phenix City Library. Once students learn they can play Wii games at the Phenix City Library, CVCC may have to add more than a new roof.

Troy University has a campus across the street from Chattahoochee Valley Community College, but they've shared library resources at Owen Hall. Who knows - this closing may open the way for students to loiter at the Troy campus bookstore.

The roof repairs at Owen Hall only add to a busy construction season at Chattahoochee Valley Community College. You may recall work began on a new Instructional Center in March. It's nice to see the construction crew will be able to make extra money during the lunch hour....

I know a good bit about Owen Hall because I've visited it several times over the years. It once had (and still may have) the only free-to-use typewriter of any area library. For someone with uncooperative computer printers, it came in handy for typing labels. And some college instructors may have used it as a prop in American History classes.

BLOG UPDATE: The race for Vance Smith's Georgia House seat keeps becoming more crowded. The Ledger-Enquirer reported Monday Steve Earles will run. Earles owns a salon in Pine Mountain, and serves on the state "Professional Licensing Board of Massage Therapy." I can't wait for the campaign debate, when Jerry Luquire asks how many times Earles has stopped on Victory Drive.

Now before we start planning our next 1,000 blog entries, let's see what else made news Monday:

+ The high temperature in Columbus again reached 98 degrees F. WXTX "News at Ten" interviewed a young woman who has an ice cream truck parked along Whitesville Road. There's a potential punchline here about single guys ordering two scoops, but I refuse to go there.

+ Columbus Police speculated someone may have driven a stolen car into the lake at Carver Park. It's either that, or someone panicked when their engine overheated....

+ The Americus Times-Recorder reported someone has padlocked Sumter County's "Boom Boom Room." But strangely, all public agencies deny they did it. Maybe the club owner decided neighbors were tired of worrying about crime - and might attempt one themselves.

(I'm simply stunned that Sumter County has a Boom Boom Room. The one in Columbus became so notorious that Fort Benning still bars soldiers from going there - and changing names a couple of times hasn't been enough to change it.)

+ WLTZ's evening news included a report on the combined weddings of 20 Fort Benning couples -- nine days after the ceremony. Nine days later?! Did they have to wait for the wedding photos to come back from Rite-Aid?

+ Instant Message to the supporters of convicted murderer Troy Davis in Savannah: Assuming this case ever is resolved, do you plan to sell those "I Am Troy" T-shirts to college students in Alabama?

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