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24 JAN 11: Nixed in the Shuffle?

"What do you need?" I asked the man who called Sunday night. The man answered he didn't "need" anything. He should have sounded thankful for that, not mock-offended....

But anyway: the caller thought I should look into the executive job changes announced by the Ledger-Enquirer Sunday. One round of complaints over the weekend was not enough - we need to bash newspapers by the stackful.

One of the people listed in the Ledger-Enquirer's reorganization is part of our current BIG BLOG QUESTION - but most of the other names probably are unfamiliar. Entertainment reporter Sonya Sorich was given the new title, "Audience Engagement Coordinator." Her blog about dating had led readers in that direction for years.

But the caller wanted to call attention to someone missing from the Ledger-Enquirer's list. He thought it was noteworthy that Dusty Nix's name wasn't there. With Kaffie Sledge and Richard Hyatt seldom writing columns these days, Nix is one of the few targets cynical newspaper readers still have.

If I understood the caller correctly, he wondered how Dusty Nix feels to be "left out" of a big story about the Ledger-Enquirer's editors -- since the caller says Nix has left big stories out of the newspaper for years. I probably should have asked which stories were missing. But I suppose every Blog Exclusive here adds to the score.

I told the caller Dusty Nix's picture was part of the online version of the story, which I read as I finished Sunday's blog post. His picture was there, but the text didn't mention him -- which admittedly puzzled me at the time. I couldn't imagine the Ledger-Enquirer website turning into a form of Venezuela's government.

But when I double-checked the online story Sunday night, Dusty Nix's picture was removed from the rotation of editors. His name wasn't added to the text. So the picture may have been a mistake. If Nix had become the Columbus media version of Keith Olbermann, no one had told me.

Dusty Nix's Sunday commentary was posted as usual on the Ledger-Enquirer website. So apparently he remains the newspaper's Opinion Page Editor. And come to think of it, the original article was about promotions in a reorganization. It wasn't about which employees were staying put. So if Nix was offended, Tim Chitwood also should be offended and not have a column today.

To be honest, I've been more concerned about another journalist in recent days. Where did Cacky Catlett go? She disappeared from WLTZ's newscasts over the last few weeks - almost as if she became lost in a snowdrift on the way to the studio in Iowa.

The end to my questions came Sunday night, as I found Cacky Catlett has moved to a TV station in Wilmington, North Carolina. Too bad she isn't in South Carolina - where there could be a classic meeting of Cacky and Cocky.

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BLOG UPDATE: The Greater Columbus Chamber of Commerce President now has issued a written apology to all members. Mike Gaymon writes his "tablecloth joke" of 2008 "has caused much discussion, hurt feelings and concerns." He didn't write "protest," but people who check local news media at all probably already knew that.

Richard Hyatt's website reports Mike Gaymon sent the apology Friday at the urging of new Chamber Chair and former City Manager Carmen Cavezza. Cavezza has received a top award from One Columbus [19 Jan 07] - and now he has the early lead for the 2012 Martin Luther King Unity Award.

Mike Gaymon's apology letter maintains his intentions with the tablecloth over his head in 2008 "were 100 percent pure," with no racial intent or malice meant at all. I'm guessing that means at least one civil rights leader will dismiss the letter as 100-percent bunk.

I'm not even wearing a hat on my head, as I write about other weekend news....

+ What's this I'm hearing about someone stealing rims off a car on the 280 Bypass in Phenix City - and doing it at mid-morning in "broad daylight?" At least the criminal had enough brains not to risk leaving a flashlight at the scene.

+ Columbus Police announced six arrests of business people, on charges of selling alcohol to minors. WRBL reported one undercover arrest was made at the Pussy Cat Lounge on Victory Drive. If the federal government can force "Joe Camel" into retirement to protect youngsters, maybe it's time this club called itself "Cougar Town."

(All the arrests were made in the area of Victory Drive and South Lumpkin Road. A police spokesman indicated the vice squad received complaints from there. So does Columbus South have more unethical business workers - or does the north side have fewer blabbermouths?)

+ A crowd estimated at more than 70,000 celebrated at Auburn University, to celebrate the Bowl Championship Series title. Yet even though admission was free, there were empty seats in the upper deck of Jordan-Hare Stadium. Some fans should have been more optimistic, and scheduled their RV repairs for February.

(WTVM revealed Auburn kicker Wes Byrum skipped the celebration, to play in a college all-star game. I think that means he's a business major - attempting to sell himself to pro football teams.)

+ Roundball Saturday Night (tm) saw Alabama's men outlast Auburn 68-58. Tiger Coach Tony Barbee summed up the story of his team's season: "We can't score." That's apparently true, both inside and outside Auburn nightclubs.

+ The RiverCenter presented the musical production "Drumline Live." I'm not sure it's a good idea to present this on a Sunday night - because some people still will have their ears ringing at work on Monday morning.

+ Instant Message to the Springer Opera House: OK, you're showing "Dracula." So why aren't you going all the way with this - and holding a blood drive before the show?

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