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2 AUG 10: What' in a Name?

After months of preparation and legal wrangling, a new car dealership opens in Columbus today. I haven't seen any TV commercials inviting me to the grand opening - so maybe the "Bang Bang" and "Boom Boom" ladies are going to be surprise spokespersons.

What was planned as the new home of Rob Doll Nissan at Whitesville Road and Whittlesey Road opens today as Headquarter Nissan. Yes, that name is spelled correctly -- with no "s" on the end. Annoy the salesperson enough about it, and you might get a discount on your car.

Local news media were invited to last week's last-minute preparation for the grand opening of Headquarter Nissan. But it appears no one asked the obvious question. What's the deal with that name? I can't believe they dropped one letter from the logo in a cost-cutting measure....

The Headquarter Nissan website doesn't explain why the name has that spelling. But it does offer links to places for playing online games, such as sudoku. Maybe this is a state-of-the-art dealership - with laptops to keep you occupied, while your car is serviced.

The website recognizes "headquarter" as a word -- but it's a verb, referring to establishing a headquarters. Even one headquarters requires an "s" on the end. Considering where the ownership is based, this is simply reinforcing a bad reputation for Alabama education.

I'm apparently not the first person to spot this strange spelling. Add the "s" and type "" in your browser (go ahead and open a new tab; I'll wait).... and you should be taken to the home page of Lynch Nissan in Auburn! I smell a blockbuster deal coming here - maybe sales rights in Smiths Station, for a domain to be named later.

(Then again, this whole thing could be a big publicity stunt. Maybe the managers of Headquarter Nissan will unveil an extra S, as they make a big donation to the Literacy Alliance.)

Of course, many Columbus residents will think of the old Nissan dealer as the new one opens for business. WRBL reports Headquarter Nissan has hired about 12 employees from the old Rob Doll Nissan. In fact, I almost titled today's post "Escape from the Valley of the Dolls."

Rob Doll stuck to his Republican values, and opposed the federal "Cash for Clunkers" program last year. Then his Nissan dealership went under. Yet Doll remains First Vice-Chair of the Georgia Republican Party - so unlike many unemployed people, he prepared for trouble and had a second income.

The new Nissan dealership has one thing Rob Doll might appreciate. A giant U.S. flag will fly over the lot every day. We'll have to see if Headquarter Nissan goes even farther to honor Georgia Republicans - like offering opening-week Nathan Deals.

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E-MAIL UPDATE: A reader is still pondering a credit card problem we mentioned in mid-July....

On Clark Howard this morning he was saying the lastest and fastest moving scam is at the gas pump..The keys to open pumps are generic and are being used to open pumps all over the nation..Once the door is unlock a tiny scammer is inserted where you put in your credit card..This will read all your info..The jerk comes back in a few hours and removes it and all your info..One such scammer was using card info to purchase $20,000 of goods per day which he and his "business partners" sold on the streets..Clark Howard suggested paying cash inside and not taking a chance..I remember you had this problem..

Well, not exactly -- another e-mail speculated that was how my credit card number was stolen [13-14 Jul]. I'm still not sure exactly how it happened. For all I know, someone at Columbus Water Works might have decided I haven't watered the lawn enough this summer.

The summer heat tops our review of the Sunday news....

+ The high temperature in Columbus returned to 100 degrees F. I received an important ruling at church over the weekend related to the heat wave. If you have a "cold plate" potluck dinner, leaving food in your car to heat during the worship service is considered a violation of the rules.

+ Columbus Police told the Ledger-Enquirer a man assaulted a woman on Pembrook Drive with a grill lid. You'd think a grill lid would be more of a defensive tool - and if it's really made of solid steel, criminals firing bullets to steal your burger patties wouldn't have a chance.

+ Atlanta Police said a man stole $586 in cash from a Wendy's restaurant. We know the exact amount because the suspect called the restaurant later, and complained it wasn't enough [True/]. The robber should learn a lesson from this -- hold up a Burger King, if you want to have it your way.

+ The Challenger Space Science Center hosted a comic book convention. If you don't see a connection between space science and comic books.... well, can they book an appearance by Space Ghost next year?

CLASSIC BLOG: The old Columbus Nissan owners have caught our attention often over the years. Before they disappear into a "Remember When" segment, here's a sampling of what we've written....

20 JUL 03: We're pleased to report the Rob Doll Nissan billboard along I-185 at Farr Road is now repaired. Cissy Doll's face is back in one piece again. Did that take glue - or Botox?

6 NOV 03: (Instant Message) To Rob Doll Nissan: You CANNOT be serious! You're actually offering a free shotgun, to anyone buying a pick-up truck?! For one thing, does the shotgun come loaded -- in case the customer finds out he bought a lemon?

5 SEP 04: Hundreds of people lined up along Airport Thruway, hoping to get at least a glimpse of the Vice President as he traveled downtown. Many of them had to be surprised, as Dick and Lynne Cheney went by in a limousine - and NOT a Rob Doll Nissan.

11 AUG 06: It truly was a diverse group of people gathered for the Bob Poydasheff campaign kickoff. Among the familiar faces in the crowd, I spotted.... Car dealer Rob Doll. No, Cissy never stood up and said, "Hi, y'all" even once.

12 JAN 07: The TV cameras came back on when President Bush spoke to the audience at Freedom Hall. Did you notice the man with glasses in a suit and tie, sitting with soldiers behind the President? It was Muscogee County Republican Party leader Rob Doll - as if Fort Benning soldiers are driving Nissan Sentras, instead of Humvees.

26 MAR 07: Columbus Police reported someone stole four new Pathfinders from Rob Doll Nissan. Three of them were recovered at the Booker T. Washington Apartments - proving after all these years, some people still don't understand how a "test drive" works.

24 FEB 08: (Instant Message) To Georgia NAACP President Edward DuBose: Are you kidding me?! I mean, that newspaper ad. You actually bought a car from Rob Doll Nissan? Did anybody bother telling you he's a Republican?

20 MAR 09: The evening news showed some of the first diners at the Fife and Drum. They included Fort Benning deputy commanding general Milo Miles, as well as Cissy Doll. If the Army ever starts using Nissan tanks, you'll know our country is in deep trouble....

19 AUG 09: Cissy Doll's radio ads in April and May indicated June would be moving month for Rob Doll Nissan. But that didn't happen, and Mr. Doll told the Ledger-Enquirer it was due to a dispute with Nissan's financial company [19 Jun]. At the time, I considered it no big deal - because haggling is common in the car-selling business.

But the dispute remains unresolved, so the site of the new Rob Doll dealership is now listed among the foreclosures. Doll told the Ledger-Enquirer Tuesday his attorneys hope to work out a deal within two weeks -- and the "over-and-under" for the financing rate is 4.75 percent.

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