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26 DEC 09: Lord of the Dance

(BLOGGER'S NOTE: You may find the following item humorous, serious, or a little of both - but we offer these thoughts from time to time, as we keep a seventh-day Sabbath.)

We received several e-mails this past week about our news of a Columbus fireworks specialist, who's recovering from an assault. We have no new information about his condition, but this message hopefully brought comfort and encouragement....

Can you tell Stephen King that God does heal. I broke my back and had numerous other broken bones. I was locked out of the house and came home at about 8:30 one June evening. I tried to get in by pulling a chair up to the window of my old home in Weracoba. When I was halfway in the window, the old full length heavy, sashed window fell on my back. I fell forward into the room and crashed my head into a rocking chair. I was upside down for a long time! When I awoke I did not know what day it was, all I could think was, well I am not hurt too bad, since I can still think.

The window fell on my back in one of the homes where the stocking strangler had attacked, and I kept thinking how someone could come along and hurt me. I was helpless and in need of rescue. When I awoke again I pulled myself to the bed. The next time I was aware of anything was when I tried to get out of that bed. I knew I was hurt bad, and had been there a long time. I managed to go to the hospital on my own steam, though I looked pretty rough. I had fallen on Mon. night and that was a Friday afternoon. At the ER the attending physician, gave me orange juice and said that the x-rays showed nothing and that I could go home. I drove home, embarrassed at the fuss I had caused, and the attention I had needlessly drawn to myself by such dedicated professionals, with a waste of their valuable time. I was still in tremendous pain so as soon as I got home, I went to bed. I had been unconscious all week, and I was still tired.

The next morning I got a call at 7:30. The voice said something like this: "Uh, Ms, What are you doing."

"I am trying to sleep, it is Sat. morning, what do you think I am doing."

"Uh, Ms, this is the ER, we have reviewed your x-rays. DON'T MOVE! You have a broken back, ribs, clavicle, and more. You must be in a lot of pain. We are sending an ambulance."

Not long after that, the swelling set in, inflammation went wild and I lost the ability to walk. I had so many broken bones and I had sheared a tendon on my hip bone with the contortion. 6 months later I did not know if I would ever walk again as I then lost total use of my legs. The drs. at Houston did not know if I would ever walk again. My recovery took one year.

A year later I was running up and down hills, through the forest, with botany teams identifying plants. God is so good!

At a Bachelorette Party, I ran into one of my Drs., and he asked me to dance! Now, that was a happy dance, filled with laughter and Praise for God! We were both so humbled by the end of the dance that we were teary.

We both knew God had miraculously healed me!

Tell Stephen, that God is still in the healing business. Keep the Faith. Keep PRAYING, Stephen, Keep Praying. Turn your life over to GOD. Keep the FAITH. God is still in the healing business.

It is all to the Glory of God!

An Unworthy Believer

A few weeks ago, I heard a local pastor declare during a sermon: "Doctors don't build up your faith. Doctors destroy your faith." Apparently this woman met a doctor who's an exception to this rule - and one national association claims to have thousands of them. I don't know if they recommend a "fish diet" or not, with the logo on backs of their cars to match.

A New Testament book is named Luke - and the book of Colossians refers to him as a "beloved physician." Would Paul have written that, if Luke lacked faith in Christ? Come to think of it, I'm not sure a "healing God" would have allowed Luke's book to appear in the Bible at all.

I believe in God's healing power, and I'm thankful he removed pneumonia from me nearly three years ago. But as we mentioned last Saturday regarding Oral Roberts, the miracles we desire don't always happen in this life. I pray they will with Stephen King - but if they don't, we should strive to be resurrected by God with eternal life. That body's probably going to be much better.

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