Friday, July 24, 2009

24 JUL 09: A Message to Michael

TO: Mr. Michael J. Registe

AT: Muscogee County Jail, Columbus, GA


I see your long road trip ended Thursday. Normally I would write something like "welcome home" - except you didn't really receive much of a welcome, and those words might spark a boycott by the Fraternal Order of Police.

But then again, your return to Columbus DID receive a welcome of sorts. Two TV stations were live at the airport. They didn't do that when the Little League World Series champions flew back to Atlanta three years ago. But then again, they had flown to see the team in Pennsylvania - while no station bothered flying to St. Maarten to talk with you.

Yet there didn't seem to be a big crowd of citizens waiting for you at the Columbus Airport. Perhaps that's because most of them agree with this e-mail, which was waiting for us Thursday morning:

At last Michael Registe,the "perhaps" killer of 2 young men in Columbus will be returned today..Chuck Leonard said Channel 9 got the info from the mother of one of the young men..The Columbus Police need to be proud of a job well done..They never gave up!!..They did the same with an arrest in the Curry case..

You'll be saddened to learn the Columbus NAACP has yet to say one word in your favor -- nor has President Obama.

You probably didn't see it, but law officers held a news conference Thursday evening about you. F.B.I. agents were there. The Columbus Police Chief was there. But the Convention and Visitors Bureau was NOT there, to make an appeal for reciprocal tourists from St. Maarten.

I know what you're probably thinking - but no, I am NOT interested in serving as your defense attorney. There are far more qualified people in Columbus than I, who would be glad to help you. But did someone at the jail tell you one of those lawyers is busy right now -- trying to avoid prison himself?

The biggest question I have is this: why would you leave Columbus during July to spend about two years in the Caribbean? It's every bit as hot and humid there during summer. And Dutch is probably a tougher language to learn than Spanish. For instance, say "links" in St. Maarten and most people will think you want to turn left.

A lot has happened in Columbus while you've been away. So I thought I'd fill you in on some of the things you've missed....

1. The police department has hired 76 new police officers. No, Chief Ricky Boren did NOT thank you during the news conference for inspiring that.

2. Muscogee County has changed District Attorneys. If you knew anything about the new one, you might not have needed that promise to avoid a death penalty trial.

3. The local narcotics task force now has its own helicopter. But apparently you knew that -- because you fled so far away from Columbus, it took a chartered airplane to bring you back.

4. A new TV news department has started. In fact, their microphone was at Thursday's news conference - but apparently the things said there won't be considered newsworthy until 6:00 tonight.

5. The best-known car dealership in town has gone out of business. Bill Heard was accused of bad things, like you are -- yet he still hasn't been arrested.

6. Another local car dealer declared some people consider the Columbus Airport "unsafe." So it's no wonder you fought extradition for a year, and needed F.B.I. agents around you on the tarmac.

7. A fancy new building has been going up on Macon Road, near the Columbus Public Library. It may look like a courthouse for your trial, but the only complaints it will hear involve teachers who reportedly can't do their job.

8. The local drought officially has ended -- the drought a local church pastor blamed two years ago on Atlanta embracing the homosexual lifestyle. To this day, he has yet to mention what the city did to bring rain back.

9. A local high school has won a state football title. I think I now know the reason there are no signs at the city limits about it. The mayor wants to spend money on a Crime Prevention Director first, to make sure that sign isn't stolen.

Please let me know if I can be of any assistance. Granting me your first U.S. interview might be an interesting blog exclusive. But don't give it to that author of "The Big Eddy Club" - because he hasn't helped Carlton Gary get out of prison at all. Regards....

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